«Scorpion IS15» Հեռակառավարվող թրթուրավոր մարտական մեքենա Նախատեսված է - բոլոր տեսակի մարտական գործողությունների և հետախուզության համար, ինչպես դաշտային, այնպես էլ քաղաքային պայմաններում։


Գաբարիտային չափսերը՝

– Երկարություն – 1200 մմ․
– Լայնություն – 700 մմ․
– Բարձրություն – 1300 մմ․
-Մեքենայի քաշը – 460 կգ․
-Ընթացային մասը – թրթուրային


Scorpion IS 15 Remote controlled ground combat vehicle

Brief Description

Unmanned ground combat vehicle “Scorpion-IS 15” is designed for direct combat and reconnaissance operations, fighting in urban conditions, breaking into buildings, climbing staircases, knocking down and opening doors.

The use of this machine in combat operations fundamentally changes the principles of the modern military strategy, which were formed during the last decades.

Technical parameters

Dimensions – 1440x1300x700 mm

Weight – 500 kg

Weapons – machine 7.62 mm machine gun with 600 rounds capacity

Grenade launcher (RPG or similar)

Armor: 95% of the machine surface (6.5 mm 5th class armor)

Maximum speed – 30 km/h

Range: up to 50 km with one battery charge

Remote control distance: up to 10 km. The remote control distance can be increased to 100 km using re-transmitters mounted on drones.

Main features

⦁ Simple and intuitive control system, using virtual reality helmet and an ergonomic remote-control device. 

⦁ Easy maintenance in the field (exchange of batteries, refilling the cartridges, exchange or repair of damaged units).

⦁ The main camera is located at a height of 120 cm which allows Scorpion IS-15 to engage from the windows of the buildings.

⦁ The ammunition cartridge is placed in the bottom section of the machine to provide low center of gravity.

⦁ The width of the body is only 60 cm, which allows to pass through the doors inside the buildings.

⦁ In case of overturning, Scorpion IS-15 returns to the upright position using the levers located on both sides.

⦁ The device has a mechanism for knocking down the doors. To perform this operation, the Scorpion has a special spear.  This mechanism allows breaking doors made of steel of up to 4 mm in thickness.

⦁ The body of the machine is waterproof, which allows it to pass water barriers of up to 100 cm in depth.

⦁ It has adjustable shock absorbers which are locked when the device is stopped to fire precisely at long distances.

⦁ Remote control is completely digital.  All radio channels are encrypted with AES encryption.  Video channels are encoded in H.264 format. The resolution of the camera is 1280×720 pixels, and the frame rate is 60 hertz. This ensures high quality video.  

⦁ Video is transmitted to a virtual reality helmet (glasses) system. The position of the weapon and the camera is synchronized with the motion of the operator’s head. This gives the operator a fully immersive experience.

⦁ The peak power of the drive motors is 30 kW. This lets the vehicle to reach a speed of up to 40 km/h with a high acceleration (it takes only 1.5 sec to reach the full speed), which allows to break doors and walls from a short distance.

⦁ To change the battery and the ammunition cartridge: it is only required to open the top lid with a special key, after which the battery and cartridge are immediately accessible and easy to replace. This operation can be safely performed in the battlefield, in bad weather and in dusty areas, as all the internals of the Scorpion are water and dust proof even with the lid open.

⦁ Scorpion features a laser rangefinder, and a weather station. This allows automatic weapon corrections for precision shooting.

⦁ The main camera is located behind armored (40 mm thickness) glass.  In case of damage to the glass, it is automatically removed and replaced by spare armored glass.
There are also washers available for bad weather conditions.

Areas of application

 1. Reconnaissance works

The device can approach the enemy positions silently and perform reconnaissance activities. It can stay in a stationed mode for up to 5 days constantly sending information. 

 2. Precision distance shooting

Equipped with high-performance ballistic meters and powerful optical sight, the device can perform long distance shooting, destroying targets up to 800 meters away.

3. Direct combat operations

Manpower and armored vehicles engagement in the field. Entering the buildings. The operator can use the speaker to instruct the enemy soldiers to disarm and surrender.

 4. Demining work

By attaching special armored unit in the front of the device the vehicle can perform de-mining work.

 Quantity (item) Lead time (months)

 10 to 20 units 10 Months

 20 to 50 units 16 Months

 50 to 100 units 20 Months 

 100 to 200 units 24 Months 

 200 to 500 units 24 Months